Continent Ltd.

International Forwarding
Competitive rates for sea & air shipments from all over the world
Follow-up on each shipment from the supplier's warehouse to the importer's warehouse
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Customs Clearance
Customs clearance in all customs stations - air, sea and parcel post
Computerized entrees
On-line connection with all customs offices in Israel
Inland transportation from all ports to any destination
Insurance of imported goods, and handling insurance claims
Storage in Bonded/private warehouses all over Israel
Special software to calculate costs of each imported item
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Customs special routes
Assistance in getting:
  1. Conditional exemption
  2. VAT loans from customs authorities
  3. "Registered importer" for tax exemptions
  4. Tax refunds (customs, purchase tax etc.)
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Import Pre Planning
Consulting for goods' tariff classifications
Assistance in getting:
  1. Import licenses
  2. Standard Institute certificates
  3. Health Ministry certificates
  4. Communication Ministry certificates
  5. All other government offices' certificates
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L/C Issuance
Preparing and checking of L/C documents
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L/C Issuance
Buying terms (Fob, Cif, Ex-Factory etc.)
Payment terms (cash, credit etc.)
Assistance in getting certificates of origin, EUR 1 etc.
Other negotiation topics with suppliers
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Correspondance with Abroad Suppliers
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